International Clients

This firm serves clients and has a professional network in Florida, across the United States and internationally.

Stephanie Favilli Bodolay is bilingual and can provide information and documents in Spanish for those who are Spanish speaking. In addition to that, this firm has network of attorneys outside of the US to help parents with the registry of their children and any other issues they may need to address on their return home. Experience with international cases and the network of international attorneys ensures that we know what you need specifically from us to return home with your child.

Furthermore, there are additional legal protections in the contracts to address the international aspect that will be unique to your case. The firm will obtain the certified copies/apostilles that you may need of the court order and/or the birth certificate for your return home as well as guide the parents with obtaining the passport.

We know that you want to get home as soon as possible. After all, it is an additional expense to be here and you have exciting news to share with family, so getting you home as soon as possible is a priority. This firm’s extensive work with international clients has led to a very streamlined and expedited post birth process for that reason.

For any questions regarding the specifics of your case and your individual country, please contact the office for a free consultation.

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