Step & Relative Adoptions

There are situations where a relative to the child or a spouse of a parent of the child may want to adopt that child and secure their parental rights. This scenario can arise in many different contexts and for different reasons.

It could be the spouse of a parent who wants to adopt that child for legal security or it could be the spouse of a legally recognized parent in a same sex marriage who wants to protect their rights as a parent to their child in all jurisdictions.

Pre-Planned Adoptions


Step and Relative adoptions do not have the same number of legal requirements as a typically adoption, so it tends to be a more expedient and less expensive legal process, than a standard adoption of a child. Whatever the case may be, this firm will assess your individual situation to legally advise what the best path for you will be to legally establish your parentage and represent you in obtaining the step or relative adoption.

For questions about whether a step or relative adoption is the right path for you, contact the office and schedule a free consultation.

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